Oh! Hello again -


I’m Lucia Liu,

a UX/UI designer with a background in product design and engineering. I have a holistic approach to design that stems from my experience with solving user-centered problems that range from physical to digital products.

I graduated from MIT in June 2018 where I majored in Mechanical Engineering with Product Design and minored in Design. My education emphasized building user-oriented products using an iterative design process. When I wasn’t at team meetings or tinkering in MIT’s design labs, I was dancing with hip-hop teams, organizing hackathons, or walking along the Charles River.

After graduating and moving to San Francisco, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in digital UX/UI design. The field combines my passion for designing user interfaces with the excitement of a constantly evolving environment. Although physical interfaces come with their own unique challenges, the world is becoming more digital, providing new opportunities and challenges every day for users and designers alike. Count me in!

Let’s learn more about each other. I’m always up for a cup of tea :)